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Embodied Pedagogy Policy Page (included in syllabi)

Example Exercises:

Critical Walks

Students are paired up, given a prompt to discuss, and asked to leave the classroom and go for a 10-minute walk around campus. Upon their return, the class debriefs on their conversations.


- Integrate movement in the learning experience.
- Change the learning environment.
- Provide an unsupervised moment of peer-to-peer interaction. 

















Collaborative Phenomenology
Students are tasked to select a material artifact connected to a class topic and annotate it with a title, a brief description, and a discussion of its symbolic value. The submissions are then either printed or (if possible) brought to class and exhibited in the classroom "museum-style", displaying the real-world manifestations of the class theoretical material.


- Stimulate student engagement by providing a different, real-world perspective on class material
- Leverage self-object relationship to activate learning via embodied cognition


Columbia Seminar on EU Politics, Spring 2023


Columbia Seminar on EU Politics, Spring 2023

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