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The Politics of the European Union 

Spring 2023, Columbia University

Undergraduate-level seminar for political science majors.

Introduction to Bayes Rule 

Micro-Teaching Sessions 2021, Columbia University

Undergraduate-level lecture for political science majors.

Research Methods in Quantitative Social Science

Sample Syllabus

Undergraduate-level lecture on quantitative methods for political science majors.

Comparative Political Economy

Sample Syllabus

Graduate-level seminar for political science PhD students.


TA for Urban American Politics, Spring 2021

TA for Democracy and Dictatorship in Europe (discussion section), Fall 2020

TA for Scope and Methods (section on statistical programming), Spring 2020

TA for Scope and Methods (section on statistical programming), Fall 2019

TA for The Politics of Protests, Spring 2019

TA for The Logic of Social Choice, Fall 2018


Teaching Development Program, Center for Teaching and Learning, Columbia University

Advanced Track Certificate Program (expected completion, Spring 2023)

Pedagogy Workshops

- Effective Teaching Observations

- Reducing Gender and Race Disparities in Class Discussion

Leveraging Learning Spaces (4-module course)

Innovative Course Design (4-module course)

Essentials of Teaching and Learning (4-module course)

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