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Over the years and projects, I have benefited from scholars sharing their data sets and data sources with me. This page is intended as a way to pay that kindness forward.

If you see any dataset that could be useful in answering your research questions, do not hesitate to get in touch!


ITALY (1998-2021)

    - original survey

    - administrative data

    - local electoral manifestos

ITALY (1910-1935)

    - archival data (war fatalities, dissidence)

    - administrative data

AUSTRALIA (1993-2005)

    - electoral data

    - administrative data

POLAND (2010-2021)

    - electoral data

    - administrative data


ITALY (1998-2021)

Nationally Representative Survey, fielded in June 2021

Topics: Tax Preferences, Redistributive Attitudeds, Tax Evasion, Corruption, Local Government

Questionnaire: original; translated

Variable list: translated

Local Electoral Manifestos, collected in January 2022

2800+ electoral manifestos from mayoral candidates (2004-2021)

Original and OCR-extracted text dataset available

Topics: Local government, Electoral Platforms

Example: original; translated

Italian Municipalities, collected in 2020-22

Cross-sectional dataset, 8000+ municipalities, year range:1998-2020

Itemized budget data: revenue (rates, compliance, revenue) & spending (policy-area level)

Public contracts: granular data on all individual contracts published by municipalities

Local public officials biographical data: education, age, gender, place of birth, date of birth

Electoral results: national & local

Demographic statistics




ITALY (1910-1930)


WWI War Fatalities, collected in 2018

500K+ individual soldier fatalities information (aggregated by municipality) 

1910, 1921, 1933 Census Data, scanned and extracted in 2018

Demographics at town level: population, literacy, employment statistics

Economic data from town budgets: revenue and spending

Dissidence at town level (1900-1935), collected in 2018

Arrests by state authorities

Municipality disbandments by central government authority


AUSTRALIA (1990-2010)


Australian Municipalities, collected in 2019

Electoral results: national elections (1993, 1998, 2001, 2004)

Tax collection data

POLAND (2010-2020)

Polish Gminas, collected in 2022

Cross-sectional dataset, 2400+ municipalities, year range:2000-2020

Electoral results: local elections

Budget data: revenue (rates, compliance, revenue) & spending (by policy area)

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