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Simone Paci

Ph.D. Political Science

Columbia University

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I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Bobst Center for Peace and Justice at Princeton University. I hold a Ph.D. in Political Science from Columbia University.

In my research, I employ quantitative data analysis to study a variety of topics in comparative and subnational political economy, from public opinion and political behavior to the determinants and implications of public policy. Some of the research questions I have explored include: When does a society tax the rich? When do governments enforce taxation and how does it affect the fiscal contract? How do subnational policymakers interact with local communities?

My teaching covers both substantive and methodological areas: from European politics, public policy, and the comparative politics of redistribution, to quantitative methods, statistical coding, and research design.

Research Interests


Comparative Political Economy

International Political Economy

Subnational Politics

Historical Political Science


Tax Evasion & Avoidance


Social Embeddedness

State Building


Multi-Level Modeling

Design-Based Causal Inference


Text Analysis


Columbia University, New York, NY

Ph.D. in Political Science, (Expected 2023)

M.Phil. in Political Science (2020)

M.A. in Political Science (2018)

Yale University, New Haven, CT

B.A. in Economics and Political Science (2017)

Summa cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, &

Departmental Honors        

Other Things I Love


With white, the Queen's Gambit
(since before the show)

With black, the French Defense


Foppolo -- a family locus amoenus

and also, these two cats


Here are a couple all-time favorites:

Kingdom (2006-)

Watchman (1986)

La Profezia dell'Armadillo (2012)

Attack on Titan (2009-21)

Dylan Dog (1986-)

one of them is even blog-famous

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